Frequently Asked Questions

The process to becoming a NoBull Funded Trader is simple:

Once your deposit is received we will begin setting up your Challenge account. You will receive an email from us within 10 working days with your MT4 account details. From here you can access the Client Portal and Trading Hub  and open your Stage 1 account.

On passing Stage 1 you will be promoted to the Stage 2 Confirmation Process to prove to us that your trading methods are adequate. On completion of Stage 2, you will receive your details to access your real funded account! 

During Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Challenge process you will not be trading live funds. 

Once you are a NoBull Funded Trader you will gain access to your real account and will begin trading live money! 

If you pass both Stage 1 and Stage 2 and become a NoBull Funded Trader you will receive 50% of your Challenge fee back as a congratulations from us! 

Yes of course! Our funded programmes can be taken exclusively online. This allows you to access your account and trade at whatever time suits you.

We offer a selection of brokers in which you can take your challenge. We recommend either CMC Markets or XM.

We allow our traders to use any strategy they want. This lets people use their own developed strategies, any trading style is welcome!. Alternatively, we also offer our traders to use our own NoBull Proprietary Trading Software. In terms of pairs and instruments, we also place no limit on this and allow traders to utilise any assets that the broker offers. We believe in offering our traders complete freedom.

All of our brokers offer 1:100 leverage.

If you take our Funded Account through the XM broker it does allow you to trade a selection of stocks.

When you are a NoBull Funded Trader there is no need to freeze your account. We require that you hit monthly targets – just that you never hit your max drawdown! Essentially, when you have achieved your funded account it is yours forever! 

In regards to freezing your account during the assessment period – this is not allowed. The assessment must be completed within the time period given.

During Stage 1 and 2 you can place trades during news events. However, you cannot scalp nor straddle when news events are taking place. This is because demo accounts do not reflect true market liquidity.

When you have become a NoBull Funded Trader and have passed the 2-step process, you cannot execute any trades 2 minutes before and after the announcements.


The withdrawal split is conducted on a monthly basis. Your profit split will be able to view in your account dashboard. Any payouts are processed within 3-5 working days once we have received your invoice. There is no minimum profit target to hit before requesting a pay-out. Alternatively, traders like to keep their profits in their account and benefit from compounding.

Please allow us up to 10 working days to set up your funded account after purchase. 

The countries in which you can take our Funded Account Programme is restricted to which broker you decide to use. 

Please visit the brokers website to find more details on who they allow.

To use our Trading Software there is no country limitation.

Our software is coded onto the TradingView platform using PineScript. Anyone who wants to use our software will need a minimum of a TradingView Pro account. In the subscription form, you will see that TradingViewID is required – this enables us to identify you and transfer the software over. 

A deposit of $400 into our partner broker TioMarkets is required in order to get our Trading Software at a reduced rate. You have to sign up to TioMarkets through the link we provide in the subscription box.

If this $400 deposit is removed at anytime, you will be charged the full rate amount – £50pcm. 


Go to the Account Page and Login. In here you will be able to cancel your subscription. 

We have are in the process of building a heavily detailed and revolutionary CPD accredited Forex Master course which puts shame to all the others out there. We cover more than just the basics and will actually teach you how to become and remain profitable in the Forex Market. 

Our course will also offer trading techniques which go hand in hand with our software. We have found that all other courses in the industry are the same and whilst they can teach you the basics, they never teach you to be profitable. We are here to change that. 

We accept Visa/Debit/Mastercard/Discover and AMEX. We do not accept Paypal.

Sign up through our Partnership Programme to gain better and quicker support for any issues with your account. We have partners at TioMarkets who put our clients as a top priority.

Sign up to to TioMarkets through our Partnership Programme here:

Copy and paste this link into your browser search bar and sign up! 

Discipline. Focus. Patience – It’s the NoBull Way.