About Us

Our History

Who We Are

We are proud to make ourselves directly available to every single client; unlike any other fund out there, we care about our traders. It is fundamental that we take time to manage and monitor each one of our traders daily to help them make the most out of their money. We truly believe in our work, our strategies and our power together as a NoBull community.

NoBull Trading was created to allow beginner and novice traders to start profiting instantly. The two founders have a wealth of experience within the Trading and Finance industries and curated the idea when working together at a Proprietary Trading Firm based out of Mayfair, London. Forex Trading is our work but also our passion, which fuelled our decision to create NoBull Trading.

Our Difference

Why Choose Us?

We have patiently built a dedicated community of traders from all over the world and we all share one goal: mastering the markets. We aim to bring more to the table than just software and funded accounts. Therefore, we monitor the markets everyday and provide commentary, trade analysis and advice to all of our traders.

Our ethos is to provide a software and funded service that aims to actually benefit traders that are starting out, or finding it difficult to profit. We know how stressful and tiresome it can be going through the process of finding a winning strategy and we are here to fast-track that process. Remove that idea that you have to lose big amounts before you start winning - we want to produce winning traders from the start. NoBull Trading was not only created as a funding group, our purpose is to help teach a new way of trading and a new generation of Forex traders. With our innovative strategy, NoBull wants to disrupt the volatile world of Forex and create a community of master, profitable traders.


Accelerate Your Learning Process

You can share your valuable experiences and give priceless advice, or learn first-hand from other successful traders and massively accelerate your learning process, in our live 24-hour free Telegram group. This is the perfect way to learn from real people with real experience in real time. To join, just click the Telegram icon at the top of the screen. 

Our Values


We want to remain truthful and respectful to all our traders. We believe that hard work and honesty goes a long way.


We want our traders to learn and develop in their own time. Using intelligence and proper risk management to grow accounts in a stable manner. People succeed with discipline.

Winning Culture

Our service will create winning traders. We want to build a community of traders who are successful and have a passion to win.

Discipline. Focus. Patience – It’s the NoBull way.