NoBull Trading Group UK

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The UK's Leading Funding Group.

Trade up to $100,000 of our capital, risk-free to you! Pass our two-step verification process and enjoy total trading freedom. Find out more about how you can become a NoBull Funded Trader.

NoBull Proprietary Trading Software.

Remove the hassle of having to fuss around with ineffective indicators and strategies and use our own, winning software. With over 6 years of development and testing, you can gain access to a profitable strategy straight away.

Ongoing Support And Advice For Our Traders.

We truly care for our traders and want to see everyone have a successful career with us. Therefore, we are always on-hand and easy to contact for any advice or queries. We offer free advice on strategy and trading, no matter how big the question is! Just contact us through our form, the messenger, or through any of our social media platforms!


Discipline. Focus. Patience – It’s the NoBull way.